San Leandro Copper Emergency Maintenance

Update (8:32AM) We ran into a few issues that caused this work to take longer than expected.  Maintenance is now complete and connectivity should be restored for all impacted customers.

A piece of hardware serving all copper Fusion/Flexlink customers in San Leandro is critically failing and has necessitated emergency replacement.  A technician has been dispatched to it’s location and we hope to perform the work in the next hour (7-8AM).  Steps are being taken to minimize customer downtime but we expect a few minutes of impact for everyone served off this device. An update will be provided when work has been completed.

– Network Engineering

2 comments for “San Leandro Copper Emergency Maintenance

  1. Are your mail servers down? It’s 12/22 at 12:22pm (haha, it really is!) and I cannot send outgoing mail. I’m located in the Maxwell Park area of Oakland.

  2. Hello Karry, the mail servers should not have been affected by this maintenance. If this issue is still ongoing please contact our support team by calling (707)-547-3400 between 8am and 10pm PST 7 days a week.

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