Brentwood Residential Fiber Non-intrusive Maintenance

Update – 04/07/23 12:08AM – Tonight’s maintenance has been successfully completed.

Tomorrow night at 11:59 pm 4/06/2023 we will be turning on IPv6 for residential fiber customers in the Brentwood area. There is no expected downtime during this operation. The maintenance window will be 4 hours.

-Network Engineering

4 comments for “Brentwood Residential Fiber Non-intrusive Maintenance

  1. why I am getting so much drop in the network connection after April 5th?MY router is not showing any IP address for IPV6 connection and the internet has been unstable. Can there be any investigation if more customer have reported similar issues?

  2. We are sorry to hear you are having problems with your connection. Please reach out to our technical support team we you have some time, we would be happy to help!

  3. Hello Sonic Internet,

    I have also been receiving a drop in internet service in Brentwood since this maintenance event. There have been other customers as well that have been experiencing connectivity issues in Brentwood. Could you please address this?

    The internet connects in an out especially during the late afternoon 5-7pm which I assume is high demand times.

  4. Hello Adam,

    After looking at your account, I can see you have spoken with our support team and gotten an equipment replacement as well as configured the equipment. If this issue continues, please do not hesitate to contact support again.

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