Santa Rosa Data Center and Colo UPS Replacement

We are scheduled and on track to replace one of the UPSes that supplies power to our Santa Rosa Data Center and Colo facility at 9:00 AM on 5/26. The UPS has reached its end of life and is being replaced with a new highly efficient modular UPS. The cut over from the old UPS to the new UPS is fully scripted and coordinated with our vendors and no interruption of power services to the facility should occur. This process will be repeated to replace the other end of life UPS with a similar replacement UPS in the coming weeks.

Update: The first UPS replacement went off smoothly without a hitch. Replacement of the second UPS will begin on June 6th and should be completed on June 7th.
Update: The second UPS replacement has been delayed and load testing and commissioning will begin on June 8th.

-Sonic System Operations and Facilities

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