We recently upgraded all of our Livingston…

Fri Oct 17 12:01:08 PDT 1997 — We recently upgraded all of our Livingston terminal servers to a new OS version, 3.7. This version fixes quite a few problems which we were having, and it’s been quite stable. Unfortunately, it uses a bit more RAM than the old version, and many of the terminal servers need to be upgraded. The RAM is here, but the devices are always in use, so it’s difficult to schedule the work. This became a problem this morning when two of the devices (out of 18) ran short on memory and started behaving erraticly. We have rebooted them, and things look much better now. Observed behavior included failure to authenticate users, termination of connections and slow performance. The affected devices were pm2.sonic.net and pm4.sonic.net. -Dane

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