Thunder’s kernel has been modified for dual…

Sun Oct 26 17:51:24 PST 1997 — Thunder’s kernel has been modified for dual CPU operation, and the new 100Mbps Ethernet card driver is online and running in full duplex mode. This means we’re ready for a test data copy of the web directories over to the NetApp. Once we’ve got a handle on how long it will take, we’ll schedule the real deployment, probably Tuesday or Wednesday early morning. The reason for testing copy time is that Thunder’s filesystem must be mounted read-only during this time so that users don’t change their pages. If a change was made during the copy, it wouldn’t get moved to the new filer. Meanwhile, as Thunder now has twice as much CPU to work with and has been quite stable since the upgrade, I’m trying to generate an ht://Dig index. Scott setup the kernel stuff for dual CPU and for the 100Mbps networking, and he’s posted something about full duplex Ethernet to the newsgroup. -Dane and Scott

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