We had some problems with busy signals this…

Tue Oct 28 21:51:23 PST 1997 — We had some problems with busy signals this evening, and are working to fix the problem. When it was happening, we found a few people with multiple dialup connections and some that had been online for longer than most people are awake each day, and we’ve removed them. Tomorrow PacBell will be here to install 64 new lines, and equipment is also on the way, so we should be okay in the near future. In addition, we’ve got 96 out of 128 ports of the X2 group with some sort of problem in the modem – eg, and 16 port modem will have 2 or 4 bad ports. USR has shipped us replacements, and so far four in a row have had similar problems, so we haven’t been able to get them online. Brian has been working on this all day both Monday and Tuesday. This is diminishing the capacity of our hunt group overall by about 16 lines. It’s possible for users to experience a fast busy or reorder tone even when lines are available if they use caller ID blocking. Currently some of our equipment is refusing calls from ID blocked originators. If you hear a fast busy, add ‘*82,’ to the beginning of the telephone number you are dialing for Sonic to turn off caller ID blocking for that call. -Dane

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