We’ve completed the move of our web data onto

Wed Oct 29 05:39:46 PST 1997 — We’ve completed the move of our web data onto the Network Appliance, our new high-performance network file server. Previously, we stored web data on a RAID-5 attached directly to the web server — so, to ensure that this change won’t impact filesystem performance, we’ve made sure that the web server (Thunder) and the NetApp (Fridge) communicate using 100Megabit full-duplex Ethernet.

This is ‘stage one’ of moving our web system from its current model (one server, a 256MB Dual-Pentium-Pro) to a new model: a brood of PPro’s and Pentium II’s cooperating as a ‘web cluster.’ We’re pretty excited about the scalability and redundancy from this architecture (which you may have noticed if you read the news:sonic.net newsgroup :). -Dane and Scott

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