Pacific Bell found a programming error in the

Thu Jan 8 17:14:07 PST 1998 — Pacific Bell found a programming error in the hunt group setup. Unfortunately, this was not the problem, and they are still looking for the source of the busy signals. I’ve spoken with Pacific Bell three times today, and I’ve also been working with the California Public Utilities commission. Because of ongoing issues with ISDN quality of service, a CPUC decision was reached last year – decision 97-03-021 allows us to collect damages from Pacific Bell for extended outages like this one. This is nice, as we’ve spent over $55,000 to equip and install the lines which should be serving you, and they’re not working!

We have filed an informal complaint with the CPUC, and they have contacted Pacific Bell on our behalf. I don’t know if this will help much, and we’re considering filing a formal complaint. If this issue cannot be resolved by early next week, we will discontinue adding new customers until it is fixed. Thanks for your understanding and continued support. -Dane

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