The repair issue mentioned in the last MOTD…

Tue Jan 6 20:29:04 PST 1998 — The repair issue mentioned in the last MOTD still has not been fixed, and we are experiencing busy conditions even though lines are available. As a short term solution, if you experience a busy signal, you should be able to dial past the bad area by calling 707-547-3210. This number will work for v.34, X2 and single-B ISDN.

I spoke with the FCC, the CPUC and Pacific Bell today, and it seems that there is an ISDN service guarantee that Pacific Bell filed with the CPUC last year which will allow us to get some credit for these lines which are not usable. I’ve gotten a bit of an agency run-around today, but we seem to be making progress. The folks at PacBell are working hard now on the repair, and they’ve escalated the issue with the technical support folks at Northern Telcom, manufacturers of the DMS100 switch which serves us. -Dane

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