Our dedicated T1 circuit to MCI was offline…

Sun Jan 25 10:49:24 PST 1998 — Our dedicated T1 circuit to MCI was offline today from about 1AM until 10:30AM because of what appear to be Pacific Bell line problems or MCI backhaul problems. Because of our investment in fully redundant intelligent routing, no customer services were affected. Our currently connectivity lineup includes an optical T3 circuit to UUNet in San Jose, and metallic T1 circuits to MCI in Sacramento and to Sprint in Stockton. All of these are handled by our huge Cisco 7000 series router. The Cisco decides which circuit is the shortest path to any given Internet destination, and all of these decisions are dynamic. Of course, if a circuit is offline, it’s not the shortest path, so all traffic is automaticly re-routed. Additional routes include T3 peering with DNAI, and T1 peering with NapaNet and a2i. -Dane

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