Friday morning, between the hours of midnight

Wed Jan 20 20:43:12 PST 1999 — Friday morning, between the hours of midnight and 6am, we’ll be doing some major maintainence here at Sonic. Specifically, we’ll be moving all critical servers into a different rack with centralized protected power, adding capacity to and upgrading the operating system of the Network Appliance fileserver, and upgrading some miscellaneous server hardware. All services maintained by the Network Appliance will be affected. This includes web hosting, FTP, and mail. Dialup and network service will not be affected, though dialup and shell users will be temporarily unable to access their email. The interruption should last from 3am to approximately 3:30am. In addition, there will be a number of sporadic (maximum 30 minute) service interruptions between midinght and 6am while various servers are moved and/or upgraded. These interruptions will include: Usenet news, web, and FTP service. -Dane, Scott, Brian, Devin, Eric, Ian, Asa

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