This morning’s server maintenance efforts…

Fri Jan 22 08:23:08 PST 1999 — This morning’s server maintenance efforts came off successfully. All planned relocations and upgrades were executed.

The highlights: all major servers are now on centrally protected power, connected via 100 megabit switched ethernet, in force-ventilated, deathstar-like monolithic enclosed rack cabinets. Upgraded firmware and OS, another SCSI controller and two new disk shelves for the Network Appliance effectively double potential capacity; 12GB extra RAID storage was added immediately, mostly for user web data. Storm, the web server for, received a kernel upgrade which appears to have fixed the long standing SMP problems; as such, the second CPU has been reactivated; CPU horsepower thus has increased up to 95%. The FTP and SSL servers had their physical RAM doubled to 128MB.

Service downtimes were approximately as planned: roughly 20 minutes each for news and FTP service; 5-10 minutes for multihomed and SSL web service, plus a total of 25 minutes for web, incoming mail and shell services during the NetApp upgrade.

All servers are online and appear to be functioning properly. -Dane, Scott, Brian, Devin, Ian, Asa

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