We are swinging the CNAME for news.sonic.net…

Mon Nov 22 17:24:25 PST 1999 — We are swinging the CNAME for news.sonic.net from ultra.sonic.net over to our new server, typhoon.sonic.net. This huge new Usenet server blows the doors off old ultra with half a gig of ram and over 110 gigs of disk space. Typhoon is currently being fed two full T1s (3.0Mbps) worth of news 24×7 via satellite downlink on a new 1.2 meter dish on the roof of our data-center here in Santa Rosa. In addition, it has land-line based backup feeds and additional feeds to fill in any gaps that the high speed satellite feed might miss.

Over the next week, we will be adding additional feeds, both inbound and outbound, but right now, this system is running faster, larger and better than ultra, so we’ve decided to make the switch. If you notice any odd news performance, please post to the group news:sonic.net and let us know. Those of you who are using supernews.sonic.net for binaries will probably want to switch back to news.sonic.net for even better performance. -Dane, Scott and Eli

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