Note that when you connect to the new news…

Tue Nov 23 08:28:00 PST 1999 — Note that when you connect to the new news server the first time, you will probably be offered a few thousand new groups. Using most shell based newsreaders, you’ll be asked if you want to join each one, with a yY/nN option. Answering ‘N’ will skip all of the rest of them, answering ‘Y’ will join all of them. Lowercase n/y will allow you to work through each of them, but this can get really tiresome as there are so many. Most users will want to just hit ‘N’.

The new server has some article numbering issues as a result of the transition, as the numbers are close, but not exactly what was on the old server. Because of this, some groups may have different numbers of articles than the group listing indicates. For more discussions regarding the new server, see ‘’. -Dane

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