For the second night in a row, PacBell’s…

Thu Dec 9 14:21:13 PST 1999 — For the second night in a row, PacBell’s techs were unable to complete the card upgrade on our SMDS T3 circuit to UUNet. On Wednesday AM, the card was installed, but the PacBell staff didn’t know how to configure it. On Thursday AM, someone who knew how to configure the card came in for the upgrade, but had problems getting the config to work.

I’ve escalated this issue with our account team, and the techs at PacBell are being equipped with a full set of contacts so that if they have problems, they’ll be able to get the support they need to get this upgrade in place. Meanwhile, latency is much higher than it should be, and packet loss is at 7%-9%. We appreciate your patience as we escalate our harassment of PacBell’s Network Data Products Service Center until they get it right. The maintenance window for this fix is 3am until 4am on Friday morning, and I’ll be on the phone myself with PacBell to make sure there are no further excuses. -Dane

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