We’ve completed the migration of FTP data to…

Mon Jun 5 21:58:41 PDT 2000 — We’ve completed the migration of FTP data to the new Network Appliance network filer. The new NetApp F740, ‘freezer.sonic.net’ is to replace ‘fridge.sonic.net’ with 6x the speed, twice as much RAM and much more space. It’s scalable to 900 gigs of fully redundant RAID storage, so we’ve got a lot of room to grow. The fast new fiber channel arbitrated loop drives support multiple filer clustering for high availability.

We’ll be migrating mail, web and shell home directories in the next couple weeks to complete this project. The current schedule is to move mail and web data this coming Sunday morning, June 11th after around 1am.

‘fridge’ has served us very well, with amazing reliability and zero-downtime file-system expansion which has been a unique and wonderful solution for our growing storage needs. -Scott, Dane and Kelsey

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