We’ve completed the migration of all SMTP,…

Tue Jun 6 18:09:53 PDT 2000 — We’ve completed the migration of all SMTP, POP3 and HTTP for www.sonic.net to the new Alteon AD3, ‘piggy’. Piggy’s configuration enables us to load balance all multihome domains. We’ve migrated one class-c ( of multihomes on piggy to test the new load balanced configuration. If you’re domain is hosted in the class-c and you run into problems with it please let us know as soon as possible. We expect that testing will be finished soon and that all multihomes will be load balanced by Friday.

Once the configuration changes have converged and we have migrated all of the multihomes to piggy we will setup piggy and kermit (the other AD3) in an active-active redundant configuration, thus insuring no single point of failure within our server LAN. -Kelsey

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