This coming Sunday morning at 12:30am we will

Thu Jul 20 13:59:16 PDT 2000 — This coming Sunday morning at 12:30am we will be performing maintenance and upgrades on a number of facilities here.

The older analog 522-1001 dialup group will be moving to our new power plant, and any connected customers will be disconnected. It’ll be down for just a few minutes as we move power cables.

The news server will be moved to a new location in the data center, and we’ll be putting a full gig of RAM in it. In addition, we’re hoping to get a new disk array online for faster performance.

Broadlink will be doing DSLAM maintenance and upgrades, and wireless DSL customers will be offline for a little while beginning at 1am.

We’ll be working on the configuration in our SMS DSL ATM router, and all DSL customers will be offline briefly while we reset the equipment with the new configuration.

SSL hosted customers on will be down briefly while that system is upgraded with new hardware. The new deployment has been in test at, and all customers have been notified to test their CGI configurations.

We hope to be finished in three to four hours with all of these tasks. -Dane, Scott, Eli, Steve, Kelsey, Nathan and Scooter

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