Night operations are complete, and went well.

Sun Jul 23 03:54:10 PDT 2000 — Night operations are complete, and went well. Kelsey and Scooter upgraded the news server to 1 gig of RAM, and it has been moved into a new cabinet location. They also moved mistral, our third web server, into a cabinet and rearranged power for our core LAN rack so that we now have diverse dual-UPS power for the load balancing switches. Steve moved the older analog dial group to new power outlets from our second huge APC Symmetra UPS. Nathan and Scott worked to upgrade our SSL server with a new OS on a new disk. The BroadLink guys moved their DSLAM into their dedicated rack here in the data-center. Then we had doughnuts, but the BroadLink folks went missing before eating theirs, and we’re not quite sure why. -Dane (and a bunch of sleepy ops)

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