We will be upgrading interfaces in the core…

Mon Aug 28 18:54:45 PDT 2000 — We will be upgrading interfaces in the core router tonight around 1am. This should not result in any interruption of services, as all the interfaces are hot swap. We will be taking the Cable & Wireless T3 offline for a little while during this upgrade, but we will leave the UUNet T3 online, so this should not affect customer Internet access. The upgrade includes testing of a new UUNet T3, plus the installation of a new channelized T3 card for serving customer T1 circuits.

As a side note, our new T1 service offering will allow us to provision true point to point full T1 circuits to customers in and near Santa Rosa for a total delivered cost of $999/mo. Get them while they’re hot – the channelized T3 interface will house 28 customer T1 circuits, so if you want one, order early. If you’re interested in ordering, email sales@sonic.net and let us know. -Dane and Scott

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