Successful Night Operations.

Fri Feb 2 05:33:47 PST 2001 — Successful Night Operations. This morning we performed maintenance and upgrades on our backbone, as well as increased redundancy on our Internet connectivity. We replaced the fast ethernet card in our SMS 1800, which should improve reliability of the device. We also moved our server load-balancing vlan to a new switch card, which is part of our move to’s new redundant backbone. With time to spare, we moved the Cable & Wireless T3 to a new router, which increases redundancy in our Internet connectivity. Summary of downtime: DSL & ATM T1 customers: 3 minutes. Web and Mail hosting: 5 seconds, with reduced performance for about 30 minutes. Internet connectivity: 2 minutes, with slight disturbances in the force for 11 minutes. -Scott and Kelsey

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