Since Friday afternoon ape, the core switch,…

Wed May 23 02:09:26 PDT 2001 — Since Friday afternoon ape, the core switch, had been intermittently exhibiting some strange behavior delaying ICMP traffic (pings and traceroutes) on some ports while still running at wire speed for other IP traffic. In some cases the delay introduced into ICMP traffic could be as much as 2 seconds. Because of the problem did not appear to be affecting normal traffic, we left the switch in this state in order to facilitate the troubleshooting and debbuging process with Extreme Networks. Extreme Networks finished the information gathering process tonight and we went ahead and rebooted the switch at 1:25AM to clear the problem. The switch booted cleanly and appears to be fully functional. We are working closely with Extreme Networks to resolve the ongoing problems that we are having with their equipment. -Kelsey

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