Sundry Updates and Changes: We have improved…

Mon Dec 31 13:14:37 PST 2001 — Sundry Updates and Changes: We have improved the DOS detection scheme in our POP3 servers to eliminate false positives. In the past, some users may have received an error, “Slow down; you are reconnecting too fast” This primarily effected users behind office firewalls or NAT boxes. If you continue to receive this error, please contact support.

As stated in an earlier MOTD we have migrated archived weblogs to a new directory structure. Archived logs used to be available on the shell and ftp servers at /var/log/httpd/ and are now stored at /var/log/httpd/username/ This completes the final step in the release of our new quota and bandwidth tools and provides extra security since only the owner of an account is able to view the logs for that account. Weblogs for your personal webspace are also archived here as well.

We have worked up a fix for the long standing ‘wavyworld’ problem. User’s personal webspace ( is accessible under any domain hosted at Starting Wednesday, access to a ‘~’ URL under a multihomed or parked domain will be restricted to the owner of the domain. Exceptions to this rule can be made by request of the domain owner. Please email support to have exceptions added.

-Kelsey and Nathan

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