Night Op – UUNet T3 Migration We will be…

Sun Jun 23 00:04:30 PDT 2002 — Night Op – UUNet T3 Migration We will be shifting traffic from our UUNet T3 at 300 B Street to a new T3 circuit located at our Focal POP in San Francisco tonight at 12:30am. We will keep both circuits up, but will reconfigure BGP to announce out the T3 at Focal. This will be a seamless operation, but is a major shift in our network traffic flow.

Once complete, UUNet traffic will traverse the link between 300 B Street and Apollo Way before being routed to Focal and out the new UUNet T3. This is Phase 1 in bringing connectivity to our new NOC. Next week we will begin Phase 2 of the migration. In this phase we move equipment and servers from 300 B to Apollo. This will take place in 3 separate operations next week. -Matt, Nathan and Kelsey

Update, Sun Jun 23 02:59:41 PDT 2002: We successfully completed the turn up and BGP configuration of the new UUNet circuit, but with a minor setback. The router which terminates the T3 bridge between 300 B and Apollo as well as the T3 to Focal was unable to handle the load the new configuration put on it. Nathan determined that bridging the cross-site T3 and terminating the Focal T3 in the same router was too CPU intensive for the Cisco 7507. We have another 7507 on the way and will put the bridge and T3 on separate routers to reduce the CPU load. We returned traffic to the UUNet circuit at 300 B Street and will wait for the new equipment before making these changes permanent. The was no downtime during this operation.

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