support and SBC-ASI are working…

Sun Jun 23 13:26:44 PDT 2002 — support and SBC-ASI are working together to diagnose ongoing issues with a small number of DSL customers who are served by two DSLAMs in the Santa Rosa main central office (CO). Aaron here and Patrick at the SBC-ASI DOC are currently working to rebuild some end-user configurations in attempt to isolate the trouble, which was first observed about six days ago.

The affected customers have PVCs in the 1/.. and 39/.. ranges. You can determine your PVC by viewing your services in the member tools section of our website. Affected customers are suffering high packet loss and latency. -Dane, Aaron and staff

Update, Mon Jun 24 17:45:42 PDT 2002 – After some re-working of the circuits by ASI, and extensive testing today, the issue appears to be resolved, and performance to the affected customers has been restored. – Eli, Aaron, and staff

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