This evening at 3am, we will be moving dialup

Tue Jul 9 00:30:18 PDT 2002 — This evening at 3am, we will be moving dialup equipment serving our primary Pacific Bell Santa Rosa number, “1003”. Downtime is expected to be between 15 and 30 minutes. Note that we have at least three other numbers that all Santa Rosa area customers can use. See the POP finder at the following URL to look up backup dialups for your area. Printing the list for future reference would be a great idea!

Update: The move of the 3Com/USR Total Control Enterprise Hub and T3 mux equipment is complete, and we’ve moved 736 dialup lines of capacity. Downtime was about ten minutes. If you notice any new dialup issues on 1003 on Tuesday, please let support know.

-Dane, Steve, Nathan, Kelsey, Mike (PacBell) and various helpers

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