Tonight we will be moving BroadLink wireless…

Tue Jul 9 18:27:50 PDT 2002 — Tonight we will be moving BroadLink wireless customers from one ATM router to another in order to prep for the migration of Pacific Bell customers tomorrow night. In order to have as much flexibility as possible, we’re deploying a second RedBack SMS, which means we can keep BroadLink and PacBell customers separate and move them separately. This will reduce downtime and potential for problems during migration for both groups of customers. BroadLink customers can expect about ten minutes of downtime tonight at around 2am.

We will also be swapping one of our Cisco 7206 edge routers for a loaner unit (thanks, John Harkin!) to enable final deployment of our equipment at Equinix next week. This moves us closer to completion of our new network design, which includes four Cisco 7507 RSP4 routers in Santa Rosa (two edge, two customer attach) and two Cisco 7206 VXR-400 routers at Equinix and Focal in San Jose and San Francisco respectively. The loaner 7206 will be used to handle our connection to Cable & Wireless until that’s moved over to the equipment deployed at Equinix next week. -Dane, Kelsey, Nathan, Chris (BroadLink) and John Harkin

Update – We’ve moved all BroadLink customers to the new RedBack router in downtown Santa Rosa in prep for the move of our large SMS serving Pacific Bell customers tomorrow night. We have also replaced delta, the current C&W edge. All appears to be well. In a few minutes, we’ll be making a change to the sr2 link to address some performance issues that have recently affected the 1001 dial group. -Dane, Nathan and Kelsey

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