We have just finished moving our network…

Sat Aug 3 02:49:11 PDT 2002 — We have just finished moving our network monitoring and notification servers to our new facility. This leaves only a few odds and ends at our old facility which we expect to decommission by the end of this month once all customer colocations have been moved.

Earlier today we brought up our first three peers on the public switch at our colocation in Equinix’s San Jose IX. A direct peer to Yahoo! should be online by Monday morning. Peering at Equinix decreases utilization on our two T3 transit links while also providing decreased latency and improved throughput.

Monday morning as 12:01 AM we will be migrating Mega, one of our 7507 customer routers, as well as our SMS 1800 which terminates all PacBell DSL to our redundant meshed L2 core. We do not anticipate any loss of service while we bring up the second links to these two customer routers. -Kelsey, Nathan and Zeke

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