Night Operations Complete: We have completed…

Mon Aug 5 04:17:00 PDT 2002 — Night Operations Complete: We have completed the redundant L2 core reconfiguration of the SMS and 1800 and our 7507 customer router. Extensive testing shows that the redundant L2 networks are functioning as expected.

We also overhauled gale, our Diablo-based NNTP feeder server with some additional disks for it’s spools and a third ethernet card. The changes have made a remarkable difference in the quality of our inbound NNTP feeds. If the current trends hold, we expect to process more than 300GB today, which is significantly higher than we’ve been able to handle in the past. Gale’s increased performance should result in a higher multi-part completion rate on our news server.

Zeke, Kevan and Tony relocated all of our leased Sun Cobalt colocations. They are now up and operating normally.

-Kelsey, Nathan, Zeke, Kevan and Tony

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