SpamAssassin has been upgraded to the latest…

Tue Sep 10 12:23:16 PDT 2002 — SpamAssassin has been upgraded to the latest stable version, 2.41. The upgrade should further increase SA’s ability to accurately tag SPAM and adds a number of new user customizable features. The new version of SpamAssassin also adds support for Razor v2 which should provide vastly improved hit rates over v1 because of its support of fuzzy signatures and other new features. For more information on Razor please see and for SpamAssassin please see To learn more about how SpamAssassin works at and for solutions to common problems, please see our local newsgroup news://

We are recommending that all users that have not already done so enable SpamAssassin on their accounts. Over 1900 of our users are already benefitting from cleaner, nearly SPAM free inboxes. All users, including mailbox and dial-up addon accounts, can access the membertools to enable SpamAssassin and modify their email filtering configuration with the SpamCan tool. -Kelsey

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