Miscellaneous Upgrades.

Mon Dec 16 14:51:19 PST 2002 — Miscellaneous Upgrades. We have completed the migration away from YP (NIS) to db files for passwd and group lookups on all of the mail and SpamAssassin servers. This eliminates a number of problems and should also improve performance on these servers, especially when under high load.

We have upgraded our domain email alias membertool to correct a problem wherein users were able to remove their ‘catch-all’ alias causing mail to be incorrectly delivered to other sonic.net mailboxes. Over the next two weeks we are going to work to correct any domains that do not currently have catch-all aliases set up. This should prevent the delivery of mail to the wrong entities, as well as help reduce the amount of SPAM that some users receive. -Kelsey, Nathan, Scott, John, Russ, and Chris B.

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