on generator power.

Mon Dec 16 03:40:11 PST 2002 — on generator power. For the first time ever, is experiencing an extended power event at our headquarters. Everything is online and performing as expected, and no manual intervention is needed.

I’ve visited the office to make sure that all is well, and checked the diesel fuel level – we’re still between 90% and 100% fuel after running on generator for more than two hours. Our fuel and load projections indicate that we’ve got enough diesel to run for days – and of course, we’ll be topping up the tank in the AM Monday. Generator load is currently less than 10% of the max load of 750 kilowatts (3/4 of a megawatt, enough power for a small town of about 750 homes); this generator is sized for the ten year plan.

No services have been interrupted. Kudos to McClure Electric, JLC Construction, Stuart & Stevens gensets and Honeywell monitoring; and of course, Detroit Diesel.

-Dane (proudly)

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