More information on the Microsoft security…

Sat Jan 25 09:32:31 PST 2003 — More information on the Microsoft security problem that caused so many network issues across the Internet last night:

Internet Security Systems Security Brief January 25, 2003 Microsoft SQL Slammer Worm Propagation Synopsis: ISS X-Force has learned of a worm that is spreading via Microsoft SQL servers. The worm is responsible for large amounts of Internet traffic as well as millions of UDP/IP probes at the time of this alert’s publication. This worm attempts to exploit MS/SQL servers vulnerable to the SQL Server Resolution service buffer overflow (CVE CAN-2002-0649). Once a vulnerable computer is compromised, the worm will infect that target, randomly select a new target, and resend the exploit and propagation code to that host.


Although the Slammer worm is not destructive to the infected host, it does generate a damaging level of network traffic when it scans for additional targets. A large amount of network traffic is created by the worm, which scans random IP addresses for vulnerable servers.

For the complete ISS X-Force Security Advisory, please visit:

Patching and disinfection information can be found at the URL above.


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