The T3 backhaul to our SF pop is down, this…

Wed Mar 26 08:33:47 PST 2003 — The T3 backhaul to our SF pop is down, this has effectively isolated this pop from the rest of our network. Customers trying to dial-up to SF numbers will not be able to authenticate, and customers currently online will find that they are unable to contact our DNS servers. Our UUNet transit is also picked up at the SF pop so at this time all transit traffic is being handled by our other transit providers. We’ll have an ETA shortly. -Kelsey and Nathan.

We have been informed by Focal that there has been a fiber cut and SBC has told is there has been ‘major’ system failure at their equipment at 650 Townsend. We know that SBC techs are probably already on site working to resolve the problem, whichever is the case. Meanwhile, this outage has also affected all of our voice lines as well; tech support and all of our other voice lines are not available. -Kelsey, Nathan, Jared, Matt and John.

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