Broadlink site came up…then went back down.

Fri Nov 14 14:31:14 PST 2003 — Broadlink site came up…then went back down. Broadlink had solved the problem with their backhaul link, but then lost a switch at the facility. Broadlink is working hard to restore operation of the site. -Scott, and Linda from Broadlink

Update: ETR is approximately 3:30pm. -Scott and Linda

Update: Fri Nov 14 16:43:47 PST 2003 The repair team is still on site, we will update the MOTD as soon as we know more. -Scott and Linda

Update: Fri Nov 14 20:02:44 PST 2003 The backhaul link and supporting equipment are back online. Jason and Tim have worked hard over the past 24 hours to find and fix the various problems that caused the outages. Everyone is keeping a close eye on the network and things have been stable for the past couple of hours. -Matt, Tim and Jason

Update: Sat Nov 15 18:57:33 PST 2003 Broadlink Wireless links are back up. Some network recovery issues are preventing a small number of customers from coming back on line. Broadlink is continuing to work on these individual problems. Currently we have no ETR. — Scott, Tim, Kavan, and Jason

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