Some Broadlink problems persist.

Sun Nov 16 09:07:25 PST 2003 — Some Broadlink problems persist. Some lingering problems persist on Broadlink’s backhaul link. This has been traced to problems with the link radios’ firmware. Broadlink has been working with the vendor, with no resolution yet — in the interim, Broadlink will be replacing the backhaul link radios with those made by another vendor. They estimate the new link will be up by noon today. -Scott, and Tim from Broadlink

Update: Sun Nov 16 14:02:50 PST 2003 — Broadlink problems persist. Broadlink is currently on premises working to realign the new wireless backhaul equipment. ETR one hour. -Kavan, Matt, and Tim from Broadlink

Update: Mon Nov 17 00:48:48 PST 2003 — Broadlink problems fixed. After many hours of troubleshooting, the issues have been resolved. Many thanks to Tim, Jason, Scott and Chris for their long hours and good work. Customers having issues at this time should reboot their CPE device. If problems persist, please call technical support. -Matt, Tim, Jason and Scott W.

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