The Accelerator is now available…

Thu Feb 10 00:34:20 PST 2005 — The Accelerator is now available for Macintosh. Our innovative dialup web accelerator, previously only supporting Windows, is now available for Mac OS 10.2 and above.

See for a link to more details and the software download page. The web accelerator delivers web browsing that can be as much as five times as fast as standard dialup. A single ten minute download of the accelerator software could save you hours every month!

The Accelerator also includes options to block banner ads and pop-up ads, two of the most annoying “features” of the Internet. These ads take bandwidth and slow your browsing, so this is another way our accelerator speeds up your use of the web.

For members, there’s no additional charge for the Accelerator, so if you’re using dialup but you’d like to browse faster, give it a try! -Dane

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