A line card in one of our Cisco routers in…

Thu Nov 10 11:52:57 PST 2005 — A line card in one of our Cisco routers in Santa Rosa crashed. This currently only affects customers dialing our ATG dial pools in Santa Rosa. We anticipate services will be restored to these customers in 10 to 15 minutes. -Kelsey, Nathan and Zeke

Update: Thu Nov 10 11:59:06 PST 2005 — All services have been restored. The ATG pop was down for a total of 8 minutes.

Update: Thu Nov 10 12:10:20 PST 2005 — We will be performing maintenance early tomorrow morning at approx. 12:01AM on the affected router which will result in 15-20 minutes of intermittent connectivity to our ATG POP in Santa Rosa. – Network Operations

Update: Thu Nov 10 15:53:27 PST 2005 — During the maintenance tonight we will also take the opportunity to implement some network improvements to our shell server, shell.sonic.net. We expect less than 5 minutes of network downtime to complete this upgrade.

Update: Fri Nov 11 01:02:47 PST 2005 — All network maintenance is completed. The affected line card has been replaced without incident and is functioning properly. shell.sonic.net was unavailable for less than 2 minutes as it was moved to a more redundant network.

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