DSL Latency and Loss.

Wed Jan 25 16:26:26 PST 2006 — DSL Latency and Loss. We continue to have ongoing problems with some DSL customers served out of San Francisco. The issue manifests itself as intermittent latency and loss, which often results in poor download performance or choppy streaming media. We have identified that the issue is caused by an overloaded router inside of our San Francisco network. Our attempts to mitigate the overload have met with limited success despite repeated calls to the router vendor and extensive in-house troubleshooting. This router was scheduled to be replaced on 12/30 as part of our upgrade to an ATM OC-12 from AT&T. Unfortunately, AT&T was unable to deliver the ATM OC-12 on time, and has now given us a 1/30 date of installation for the new circuit. Shortly after this link is installed we will be moving all of the affected customers over to new routers with ample capacity.

We apologize for the delay in the upgrade and will continue to work diligently with AT&T to improve service quality.

-Nathan, Dane, Eli and Kelsey

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