IMAP Upgraded System Operations has upgraded our IMAP server software to a version we’ve had in testing. Besides a noticeable speed improvement over the previous version, we have made message Tagging and client message status available!

–Don, Kelsey and the SOC.

4 comments for “ IMAP Upgraded

  1. Thanks guys! It’s so much faster now. Before the upgrade I would have to wait a while to see new messages, now it’s almost instantaneous.

  2. Unfortunately this broke IMAP on the treo. The change in allowable ciphers means Versamail cannot negotiate a connection. Can the set be amended to allow the previous cypher set as well.

  3. Jay, can you try now? If it still doesn’t work, send Versamail’s supported cipher suites and we’ll take a look and see if we can update our cipher suite to include one of it’s supported ciphers.

  4. Kelsey,

    Thank-you so much. works perfectly now ! This is why I have stayed with all these years !

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