ATM Switch Maintenance

Tonight at midnight we will be performing potentially invasive maintenance on one of our ATM switches. We will be reloading the primary route processor in the ATM switch and it should automatically fail over to the backup. Impact should be only a few seconds as the failover occurs, though it may be up to 10 minutes if problems are encountered. The ATM switch in question serves DSL and Business-T customers in the Bay Area, Sacramento and Fresno areas.

-Jared and Nathan

Update: The failover to the backup route processor did not go smoothly, so we were forced to reboot the ATM switch chassis. This resulted in approximately 10 minutes of connectivity interruption for customers connected through this ATM switch. We apologize for the interruption. We are monitoring traffic levels across the ATM switch and they appear to be moving back to normal levels. We will continue to monitor the switch closely.

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