At 5:03 PM today, all of our DSL and Business-T subscribers in LATA1 went offline. The problem appeared to be internal to AT&T’s ATM network. As of 5:12 PM, the problem in AT&T’s network appears to have been resolved, and DSL and Business-T customers are back online. We are continuing to monitor the situation and work with AT&T to find out what happened in their network. More details will be forthcoming as we get them.

-Jared, and everyone in the NOC and Support

Update: Word from AT&T and ASI (AT&T’s ATM division) is that they suffered a major fiber issue in one of their major hub Central Offices in San Francisco. Traffic has been routed around the problem, and they are currently working on resolving the fiber issue. There is a small chance that traffic may be interrupted as AT&T works on their issue, but they will be doing everything they can to prevent that. We will be monitoring our ATM links very closely for the next 24 hours to mitigate any potential problems.

Update: AT&T has determined that the outage was caused by a failing ATM fabric card. Service was restored when traffic was moved to the spare fabric card. The failed card has been replaced, with no further service interruption.

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