AT&T ATM Outage

At approximately 2:30 AM today, AT&T lost ATM connectivity to the Santa Cruz area, causing all DSL in that area to be non-functional. AT&T has no ETR at this time, but we are in contact with them and will update as soon as they have any new information.

-Jared and Nathan

Update: AT&T has an official ETR on this outage of 8 PM today. We will continue to update as we get more information from AT&T on this outage. This news article provides additional information on the nature and cause of the AT&T outage:

Update: As of 2:40 PM we started seeing customers affected by the AT&T fiber cut come back online, and currently the live customer count is steadily increasing.
Update: At this time, AT&T reports that the fiber cut that caused this outage has been repaired, and all affected customers should be back online.

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  1. Thanks for the info…ya, kcbs (740 am) has been following the situation:
    * appears to have been deliberate
    * 4 cables cut in a manhole in South SJ around 2am
    * 7 (seven) cables cut in 4 manholes in San Carlos around 4am

  2. In Santa Cruz, as of 6pm, we’re hearing reports of many DSL lines coming back online, but other major lines (T3’s etc) are still down. AT&T cell phone service is restored, but Verizon cell service is still offline.

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