Backup power systems online

Update :  Power was restored yesterday (14 April) around 5:55pm and all systems are normal.  –Augie’s Santa Rosa datacenter and offices are currently running on our power backup system due to a PG&E utility outage.  All backup systems are operating as designed, and there is no customer impact.

It’s rare that we have an actual utility power outage here, so most of our use of the backup systems is weekly, semi-annual and annual testing and maintenance.  It is very interesting to see the office, darker than usual (only limited lighting is on), but otherwise functioning as usual.  Technical support PCs are online, our phone system is online, and we are providing customer service as usual.

I’d like to offer thanks and congratuations to the team here who put together our backup systems.  Russ Irving, Kelsey Cummings, Nathan Patrick, Juston Pierce and former employees Matt Kirk and John Harkin.  Thanks team!  -Dane

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  1. Is that why all the article bodies the sonic.* usenet hierarchy’s have suddenly disappeared? The headers are still there though.

  2. Is the power back online? It might be nice to see an MOTD when the power state changes back to normal so everyone knows the incident is over. Also some of us can come back and turn on systems that are only off to conserve power.


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