DHCP Server Failure

This morning at approximately 8 AM our Support staff became aware that one of our DHCP servers was not serving DHCP leases properly, in such a way that our monitoring systems were not able to detect the problem. Our Support team escalated the problem to the Operations staff and we were able to remedy the problem by rebooting the partially-locked server. Service was restored by approximately 8:28 AM. We apologize for this outage and will be looking into ways of extending our monitoring so this unusual type of failure will not be missed again.

-Jared and the Support team

Update: The DHCP server has begun to fail again, so we have removed it from service. DHCP should be functioning normally again. If you are having problems obtaining a DHCP lease, please try rebooting your modem and any computers or routers that are having problems.

4 comments for “DHCP Server Failure

  1. Do you know when the outage began? Just wondering if this explains the problem I was having around 22:30 last night, or if there was a different issue.

  2. Zandr: Upon post-mortem of the problem, it looks like it may have started as early as 22:30 last night. With the subsequent repeated failure of the DHCP server, it looks like it is having hard drive problems. All our DHCP servers are built on RAID, and one failing disk should definitely not cause any issues. We’ll be looking closely at this server soon and looking for ways to detect this failure.

  3. My folders are empty
    I don’t have sonic net passwords
    I haven’t received or payed a bill in a while.
    What is my next step?


  4. Brad, the problem you were running into was not related to the DHCP server problem, but more likely to the more recent email infrastructure maintenance. Our sysops fixed this around 9am, and I see that your account is retrieving mail again.

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