Telephone outage

This morning our phone lines are reporting all circuits busy.  We are working with our vendors to troubleshoot the problem but we do not currently have an ETR.   Telephone support, sales, and billing are currently unavailable.  Thank you for your patience during this time.

Update: Our vendor has found a problem between their network and AT&T.  They have dispatched a technician to fix the problem but have not provided us with an ETR.  As always we are available for troubleshooting at This outage only affects inbound and outbound calls through our office phone system.  Dial-up services are not affected by this outage.

Update: A problem, localized to the fiber-optic cable at  AT&T’s central office, has been resolved. Service to our phone system has been fully restored.

2 comments for “Telephone outage

  1. You may want to review the time stamp setting, it appears to be set at PDT instead of PST. It is currently 0840 hours.


  2. Thanks so much for posting the problem on your websight. I have been trying to call tech support this morning and when I got the all circuts busy message I thought it was a general phone outage, not a Sonic problem. Whew….

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