Los Angeles Area Outage

We are currently experiencing an outage affecting our Los Angeles area aggregation equipment. This is affecting all DSL and ATM-based Business-class services. We are working on restoring service and will provide an update shortly.

-Jared and Tim

Update: The outage was caused by a crashed management card in our core ATM switch in Los Angeles. The ATM switch does have a redundant management card, but that card did not load its configuration properly. The ATM switch had to be completely power failed to restore it to service. At this time the switch is up and functioning properly, and all connectivity should be restored. We have also isolated and fixed what caused the backup management card to not load its configuration properly.

2 comments for “Los Angeles Area Outage

  1. Robert,

    There have been no problems with our Northern California network today, so I’m not sure why you wouldn’t have been able to reach http://www.sonic.net.
    Are you able to reach it now, or are you still seeing problems?

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