LATA1 ADSL1 Outage

Tonight shortly before 7:30pm we lost connectivity on one of the backhaul circuits serving ADSL1 customers in the Bay Area and North Coast. This has resulted in many customers experiencing a sync-no-surf outage, where the DSL modem indicates it has a connection to the local DSLAM, but no traffic passes through.  Out network engineers have been working on the problem since immediately after it happened, but we have no ETR yet. Fusion, wireless, and dialup service, as well as ADSL1 service outside the Bay Area and North Coast are unaffected.  — John F and the NOC staff

Update: Our network engineers have been working counterparts at AT&T and have narrowed the problem down to what appears to be a faulty switch on their end. Still no ETR. — John F and the NOC staff

Update: As of 11:03 PM tonight, the ATM backhaul circuit was restored to service by ATT. All affected customers should be back online at this time. If you are still experiencing a problem with your DSL connection, please reboot your DSL modem.


9 comments for “LATA1 ADSL1 Outage

  1. Thanks for letting us know. Good to know there’s a real issue and that it’s being worked on. An estimated time of the fix would help. As would getting emails to customers who were effected. Thanks.

  2. It’s 11:05 so I assume I can’t call now – I’m using my Verizon stick on my laptop for internet connection – s – l – o – w…can I assume the problem with my WiFi is not me – it’s YOU? It’s not working no matter which computer I use. Hard to work without the internet – but I’m OK if it’s not my problem. My ZOOM has been acting up a lot lately – which is why I want to know if it’s You and not ME!

    Do you replace ZOOMs. I have to shut mine off and turn it back on all the time. This time -nothing – but that could be YOU!

    I can’t imagine you can send me an e-mail – but what the heck – sure – answer via e-mail!

  3. So glad that we had the caliber of people like the ones at Sonic working on this type of issue last night!

    Thanks for the speedy fix ( as if you could have influenced the speed at which ATT repaired / replaced their equipment) and the updates!

    Updates help for sure 😉


  4. Thanks for the updates. Internet working~ and sorry for calling ADSL Adele… stupid mobile auto suggestion doesn’t help when you really need it.

  5. Over the last few days, we’re seeing really poor DSL connection times here in Ukiah. DNS times out, web connections time out, etc. Really bad.

    Did you change something? Is there some kind of new routing issue or is the pipe overloaded?

  6. Carl,

    It looks like we’re seeing ~16 – ~20ms latency total between our office and your static IP. Running a traceroute to some of the services you are seeing slowdowns and getting that to us in may be useful in running your problem down.

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