Customer Service Closing Early Support and Sales will close at 9:00pm Friday June 17th for our employee movie night. Support and Sales will open at the regular time Saturday morning.

– Jasper C. and the Staff.

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  1. I, for one, had a blast. We also had a bunch of our Sebastopol customers join us to fill out the theater, presumably because the rest of California doesn’t have enough cause to be jealous of the fiber roll-out as it stands.

  2. Really amazing that on your “contact us” page, there’s no link to contact customer service. I actually had to do a search! I just received my fourth email from your installation service. I called and complained about the previous three and was told each time that “it must have been a glitch” that no one else had reported. Each of these emails lists headings for date of installation, time of installation, place of installation and a spot for a link to contact tech support. Every one of these items was blank. No date, no time, no link to contact you. And strangely I was switching to you because AT&Ts customer service is bad. Well at least the don’t do the same thing four times and tell me it’s a glitch. I will not be switching to your service after basically being called an idiot by your customer service phone rep yesterday when he justified the errors by saying “our service is really fast”. That’s not enough! You’re a communication company that is apparently incapable of communicating.

  3. Hello Sandra! I posted a reply to your yelp review so I am going to copy paste it here as well.

    6/11/2020 Hello Sandy!

    I am sorry for the issues you have had with our service and our Customer support. I am not sure what happened to our website but if you could provide me your information in a DM I can take a look at where we fell short as well as the tech that you talked to. I look forward to talking with you.

    Best Wishes!

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