Legacy DSL Service Degradation

This evening, our support team began tracking an issue causing poor DSL performance for legacy DSL subscribers served by a certain SMS. Upon further investigation, we found a port on our ATM switch to be failing, and causing loss for traffic going across it. We moved the SMS to a different port on the ATM switch, and the performance problem should be resolved now.

-Jared and John

2 comments for “Legacy DSL Service Degradation

  1. Hi, my parents have been Sonic customers for over 10 years. They live in Oakmont, just outside Santa Rosa. They pay $30 a month and their speed tests are horrible. 18 hours to download ITunes! They want to stay with a local company even though a lot of the family is trying to convince them to move to Comcast. What is up with the terrible bandwidth? They are elderly and I need you guys to help me help her.
    What can I do?
    Thanks, Mark

  2. Mark,
    It definitely sounds like your parents line is not performing as it should, and we want to get it up to snuff.
    Our support staff can help with this, and we just need you or your parents to call us so we can start troubleshooting the issue. Our support team can be reached at 707-547-3400, or support@sonic.net. Contact by phone is definitely preferred to perform initial troubleshooting.

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